Everyday Outfits Inspired by Game of Thrones

Everyday Outfits Inspired by Game of Thrones

15th May 2019

It may be hard to say who will end up on the Iron Throne, but one thing each of the contenders has in common is seriously regal fashion senses! What better way to spark some creativity with your outfits than to take inspiration from Game of Thrones’ most stylish ladies? We’ve put together some everyday outfit ideas based on your favorite Game of Thrones characters and locations!

Melisandre Outfit - Game of Thrones


Melisandre / The Red Woman Everyday Outfit

Nothing screams “The Red Woman” more than… red! All you need for this outfit is a red maxi dress, a collared necklace, and a red sweater or shawl. Deep red lipstick and a red wig will help make this outfit more recognizable especially if you’re using it for a costume party. If you want to glam it up, add in some earrings or a statement ring. Melisandre typically has loose, wavy hair but she’s also been spotted rocking a simple braid to the side if you don’t have a curler on hand.

Ayra Stark Outfit - Game of Thrones


Ayra Stark Everyday Outfit

Ayra Stark is sporty, spunky, and extremely athletic. Most of her outfits in the show are brown with some layering. If you have olive denim jeans, it’s a great color to pair with brown. Otherwise, a brown top, shorts, and combat boots will do the trick! You can complete the look by finding a necklace with a wolf pendant (anyone else miss Nymeria?). For an added touch, keep an Iron coin in your pocket and go by “no one”.

Night's Watch Outfit - Game of Thrones


The Night’s Watch Everyday Outfit

The Night’s Watch is the military order that guards the Wall against White Walkers and wildlings. It’s hard to miss them as they all wear black from head to toe along with fur capes. For this outfit, all you need to do is pull out anything black from your closet. Leather jackets, crop tops, skirts, leggings, boots, even bracelets, and earrings. If you have a black faux fur jacket, now’s the time to use it! Bonus points if you happen to have some dragonglass lying around.

Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons Outfit - Game of Thrones


Daenerys Targaryen Everyday Outfit

Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals (you get the picture)… -- the Mother of Dragons. This outfit harkens back to the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones with a teal maxi dress and gold accessories. Add a large waist belt, statement rings, booties, and braids to complete the look. If you’re going out, opt for a gold clutch. If you want a look more inspired by recent seasons, just swap out the teal for black and maroon with silver accessories.

Dothraki Outfit - Game of Thrones


Dothraki Everyday Outfit

The Dothraki are a nomadic warrior race from Essos, known for their horses, their curved swords, and long braided hair. When it comes to shoes, wear knee-high boots or gladiator sandals, a brown skirt, and a brown crop top. Leather belts and bracelets are perfect accessories to give off more of a “warrior” vibe. Find moon-shaped earrings or a sun necklace to represent Dany and Drogo’s famous lines to one another: “moon of my life” and “my sun and stars”.


Ironborn / Greyjoy Everyday Outfit

The Ironborn are natives of the Iron Islands and are ruled by House Greyjoy. The Greyjoy sigil is that of a golden kraken and while their official motto is “We Do Not Sow” the phrase “What Is Dead May Never Die” is more often said in the TV series. They are independent, seafaring people whose traditions are rooted in piracy and raiding. Life at sea is a rough one, and this is depicted in their clothing. For this outfit, stick to grays, blacks, and silver accessories. Thigh high boots and long skirts are perfect for this look. Bonus points if you can find a ring shaped like tentacles.

White Walker Outfit - Game of Thrones


White Walker Everyday Outfit

White Walkers - the supernatural threat to all of humanity. They’re simply hard to miss when you’re watching the show. With their cold eyes, spears, and undead army, dressing up as a modern day white walker is one way to fill like a formidable supervillain. For this outfit, stick to anything that feels “icy” - so baby blues and greys will do the trick. A necklace with a blue crystal is a great way to represent their icicle spears and blue/grey eyeshadow will help your eyes pop. If it’s for a convention or Halloween party, grab a white wig to complete the look (you can even re-use the wig for a Daenerys outfit!).

Margaery Tyrell Outfit - Game of Thrones


Margaery Tyrell Everyday Outfit

Margaery may have lost her chance at the Iron Throne (SPOILER: and her life), but that doesn’t diminish the lasting impact her Highgardenian fashion left on us all! With flowing gowns in springy shades of baby blues, soft pinks, and neutrals, Margaery conveyed a youthful, innocent essence. But don’t be mistaken, her sense of style also conveys her intelligence and strategic ability through details non-traditional to King’s Landing like plunging necklines and bare arms. Capture Margaery Tyrell’s essence in your own everyday outfit with flowy maxi dresses, heart-shaped necklines, halter tops and dresses, and rose designs and accents to honor the sigil of House Tyrell. You can also mimic Margaery’s essence through romantic hairstyles featuring curls, half-up styles to frame the face, and rose-inspired clips or headbands.

Brienne of Tarth Outfit - Game of Thrones


Brienne of Tarth Everyday Outfit

If you’re a tough gal who adheres to a personal code of honor and duty like Brienne of Tarth, opt for these clean-cut, yet futuristic everyday looks. Brienne is known for valuing skill with a sword over appearances, so her everyday look typically consists of her armor and necessary under-tunics. While in Westeros many made fun of Brienne for her non-traditional garments, in the real world she’s a very-fashion forward menswear trendsetter. To get your own Brienne of Tarth look, stick to strong, steely colors in the grey, black, and silver range to emulate her armor. Tying in structured pieces like a suit jacket, boxy skirt, and sturdy boots are a plus. Brienne is no-nonsense and to the point, just like her hairstyles. Keep your locks out of the way by slicking them back with gel or tucking it away in a sleek ponytail or braid. To really bring it home, it’s important to master the details. Accent your look with sword or cross-detailed accessories and select fabrics like leather, nylon, or chainmail.

Sansa Stark Outfit - Game of Thrones


Sansa Stark Everyday Outfit

With one of the biggest character arcs and transformations of the series, Sansa Stark, has become a considerable force to be reckoned with. Though she endured many horrendous events, The Lady of the North did not allow herself to be made a victim, and instead devoted herself to watch, learn, and use her shrewd wits as a weapon. Her choice of clothing has reflected this growth of character, transitioning from the dainty fashions of a Southern lady to that of a powerful Northern leader. To craft an everyday outfit around Sansa’s new look, focus your efforts on deep jewel tones like midnight blue and emerald greens, or go straight for black and grey hues. It’s cold in the North, so bear that in mind when selecting fabrics and accessories. Sansa can be seen wearing velvet, wool, and fur with wolf-themed detailing. In the later seasons she’s also often seen wearing a silver, chained necklace with a large circle pendant. Sansa’s auburn locks are left loose, without added curl or texture, often with the top part pulled away from her face with a simple braided detail around the crown of her head.

Cersei Lannister Outfit - Game of Thrones


Cersei Lannister Everyday Outfit

Strong, determined, ruthless, fierce, these are all words used to describe Cersei Lannister, along with her sense of style. Cersei requires that the world make no mistake in knowing exactly who she is, from her luxurious clothing to her very presence in a room. Even in the early seasons of Game of Thrones, viewers could see Cersei celebrating her family’s wealth and power through bold colors like deep red and purple and the many pieces of golden jewelry and crowns she’d accessorize with. As the series progresses, and Cersei becomes increasingly aggressive in her pursuit of the Iron Throne, her fashion becomes darker and more militant in nature. She introduces leather, studs, and parts of armor into her still feminine silhouettes. To bring Cersei’s style into an everyday outfit, consider looking for pieces with billowing sleeves, wrap dresses, cinched waists, and A-line skirts and dresses. Don’t forget to add touches of gold by way of belts, jewelry, or headbands to remind those around you that, “a Lannister always pays his debts”.

Ygritte the Wildling Outfit - Game of Thrones


Ygritte the Wildling Everyday Outfit

Fierce fan-favorite Wildling, Ygritte is scrappy, determined, and seems to know a lot more than Jon Snow. Ygritte played an important role in helping Jon understand the ways of the Wildlings, and form a bond not only with her, but with her people. Though she was Jon Snow’s first love, even he wasn’t excluded from her list of targets! As a warrior from beyond the Wall in the far North, Ygritte’s primary focus when it comes to clothes is warmth and comfort. Heavy furs, boots, pants, and straps to help keep her belongings in order were all staples for Ygritte. You can create your own everyday look by wearing cozy, fur-lined boots, a sturdy coat and belt, and maybe even bow and arrow accessories to pay homage to Ygritte’s skill with archery.

Dornish Sand Snakes Outfit - Game of Thrones


The Dornish Sand Snakes Everyday Outfit

Hailing from the summery land of Dorn, the three Sand Snakes knew how to bring the heat both their abilities as assassins and sense of fashion. For those who need a refresher, the Sand Snakes were the three bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorn (remember the guy who had that unfortunate, eye-popping end courtesy of The Mountain?). They were highly trained fighters and worked alongside their mother, Oberyn’s partner Ellaria Sand, to murder Cersei’s daughter Myrcella. The Sand Snakes modified the Dornish fashions to allow more movement and flexibility for combat. While they stuck to the browns, yellows, pinks, and creams popular to Dorn, their everyday outfits tended to be sleeveless, belted, and slit up the sides of their skirts. Capture the sultry essence of the Sand Snakes with loose dusty rose midi and maxi dresses, and add leather belts, bracelets, and sandals for the perfect accents. To complete the look, tie hair back in a singular braid, or slick it back to keep hair away from the face. Don’t forget your whip!

Now that you’ve found the perfect everyday outfit, the next question is where to wear it! Not sure when to rock these Game of Thrones looks? We’ve got you covered:

Game of Thrones Viewing Party Outfits

Whether you’re rewatching all the seasons of Game of Thrones or watching the season finale, it’s the perfect time to get dressed up with your friends. Have that one friend who’s never seen Game of Thrones? It’s time to throw a binge-watching party and dress up! If that doesn’t convince them to start watching the show, what will? Get creative and set up a photo backdrop complete with your own Iron Throne, pop a few mysterious ravens around the room and you’re set! Complete the party with Game of Thrones inspired food like lemon cakes (Sansa’s favorite!), pigeon pie, and wine (is Cersei ever without her wine?). Or take things up a notch and test out one of these Game of Thrones-inspired cocktails.

Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

These everyday outfits are also a perfect solution for that last-minute Halloween party. Just take a quick peek into your closet, and see what you have to work with. You can experiment with fun accessories and random items around the house. The bright side? You don’t have to worry about someone else showing up with the exact same outfit! With so many characters to choose from, see if your friends want to join in and do a group costume.

Game of Thrones Cosplays for Conventions

Conventions have been rapidly gaining popularity. There are gaming conventions (PAX), comic conventions (Comic-Con, Wondercon), DragonCon, and so many more. Attendees are encouraged to dress up, and you’ll find people cosplaying from every type of game, comic book, or TV show. It’s not uncommon to see a Daenerys or Jon Snow walking around. Any one of these everyday outfits would work in a pinch when you need to fit in with the Con-crowd!

Every Day is Game of Thrones Day

Who says you need a reason to dress up? These are everyday outfits for a reason! Whether you’re going to class, or a night out, any one of these Game of Thrones looks adds just a little something extra. If you’re feeling like an absolute queen, throw on a teal maxi dress, braid your hair, and make the day yours.

If you’re looking for more everyday fashion inspiration, check out our collection of cute outfits ideas!