July Featured Honey Grayson O'Brien

July Featured Honey Grayson O'Brien

25th Jun 2018

When it comes to Honey's this girl has a sense of style that constantly keeps pushing the limits.

Grayson (graysonobrien_) has been in our TCE Honey ambassador since early 2017 and is one of our top picks when it comes to collaborating.  She is so sweet, honest, trustworthy, and dependable we can't get enough of her.  Check out some of our outfits on Grayson and the way she pairs pieces together with her own flare.  

Taking a basic piece to the limit by pairing them with a piece that has dramatic flare or paring it with two pieces with dramatic flare is key in her style.  I love the way she takes two different patterns in the above piece to combine an casual yet interesting movement of the eye.

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