Creator Application

TC Elli's is always looking to support and encourage creators.  Whatever you create outside of work or school in your spare time needs to be seen!  We all have moments of genius in our lifetime.  During these times you have a uniquely brilliant idea and need to show it to the world.  

Bottom line, we want to encourage these moments of invention in our community and provide a physical location for you to show off your genius.  Each weekend (Thurs-Sat), when we don't have a home football game, we will feature one person or group at TC Elli's.  You will be front and center in front of a captive audience plus we will boost your name on our social media to bring new customers or fans to your attention.  

We WILL NOT take any proceeds from you or charge a fee in anyway.  This is strictly to support and encourage creativity and culture.

3 Acts will be performed over the next 6 months.  Please apply for the specific Act that works for your schedule.  We will be in touch within the week.

Applications and dates for Act 3 will arrive shortly