Cute Boho Outfits

If you count Kate Moss, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, or even Janis Joplin as your forever style icons, chances are you already have quite a few cute boho outfits tucked away somewhere. With Coachella just around the corner, and the winter weather finally beginning to thaw, there’s never been a better time to breathe new life into last year’s floral dresses, gladiator sandals, and other boho-inspired pieces. This casual but elegant style has had enduring popularity, but how do you transition your current pieces to fit this season’s trends? We’ve showcased our favorite spring looks to help light the way.

What is Boho-Style Clothing?

First things first, before diving into style guides and cute outfit inspiration, we need to make sure we’re all on the same page. Many of the lesser devout followers of the boho-trend, might be thinking ‘what even is boho-style clothing?’ Fear not, there’s still time for you to join the club.

Basically, boho is short for bohemian (easy enough, right). Broadly, boho is a style of dress inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s. Even further back, the Bohemians were a group of artists who congregated in Paris in 1900 (think Moulin Rouge, the movie with Nicole Kidman). Either way, the boho-style has always been regarded as eclectic, free-spirited, and energetic (very much like TC Elli’s).

Today, this hippy-look has become what we call ‘boho-chic.’ Characterized by long flowing skirts and dresses, peasant blouses (or what many simply call boho tops), embroidery, embellishment, fringe, and gladiator sandals, the boho look has evolved quite a bit since the ‘60s. Worn by celebrities and festival-goers year after year, you can be sure that this trend will present itself one way or another each season.

How to Style Cute Boho Outfits

To avoid looking like you’ve stepped straight out of the Woodstock documentary, boho-chic pieces should be worn in moderation and styled to match current trends. To guide you in the right direction, we’ve put created a few fashion formulas that will help you put together cute boho outfits with ease.

Look OneDenim skirt + Billowy Blouse

floral blouse

For a playful take on boho-chic, mix together some denim shorts with a loose blouse. This version of boho-chic can be worn a variety of ways, so experiment with pops of print. Our TCE girl opts for a flirty floral crop top, our wash out denim skirt, and minimalistic jewelry. For chilly nights, try pairing with an cardigan or jacket.

Look Two: Bright Colors + Statement Tank + Sunnies

boho chic sunnies

Bold colors will have their moment in the spotlight this spring. Pair your favorite shorts with your go-to statement tank top and add some fun sunnies for a look that’s effortless, boho-chic, and bold all at once.

Look Three: Wide-Leg Pant + Platform Sandals 

cute flowy pants

Every bit of this flowy outfit screams effortless chic. A huge trend for spring 2018wide-leg pants will keep your boho look fresh. Pair with classic platform sandals, and some simple dangly jewelry for just a touch of bohemian.  

Look Four: Two-Piece Set + White Sandals 

two piece set outfit

Bring a touch of minimalism to your cute boho look by pairing a loose two piece set with all-white sandals, a staple for spring 2018.

How to Build a Boho-Chic Wardrobe

If you’re really feeling the love for this hippy-inspired look there's a few easy ways for you to build an entire wardrobe that exudes that boho-chic vibe that we all know and love. 

Step One: Start with the basics 

Chances are you already have a lot of these, which is great because staple items are the building blocks of a boho-chic look. Tone down your favorite boho top with a good pair of cutoff shorts, or combine your floral skirt with a quality v-neck tee for a look that’s elegant yet casual.


cute boho outfit.jpg

Step Two: Add a statement piece

This is your time to shine. Show off your flowy florals, fringe, and festive embroidery with a statement boho piece. Boho tops, loose silhouettes, embroidery, and wide-leg trousers are our go-tos when it comes to making a boho-chic statement.

boho top and wide-leg trousers

Where to Wear Your Boho Outfits

If you’re not feeling quite so bold as to wear your cute boho outfits on the daily, there are still plenty of opportunities to let your bohemian side shine. 

  1. Music Festivals- Likely the most obvious choice to break out your boho-chic wardrobe is at music festivals. Coachella, the yearly festival in the California desert is a haven for wearing boho clothing. Yes, most people are there for the music but it's also the place where performers, celebs, and stylish concert-goers alike display their latest boho outfits. For those of us who can’t make it out to the California Desert, there are still a great number of festivals perfect for us boho-chic-loving gals.

  2. Evening Wear- With beading, silk and fur accents, boho-chic looks can easily translate to evening wear. The long silhouettes of maxi dresses that many of us steer clear of during the day, are perfect for an elegant nighttime look.

  3. On the Beach- If you’ve ever felt inspired to don a sarong a la Brigitte Bardot on the beach (headscarf included), look no further than boho beachwear.

  4. Weddings- Your own wedding might be ages away, but it’s never too early to start planning... right? If that secret “Dream Weddings’ Pinterest board of yours is dotted with flower crowns, pastel bridesmaids dresses, and rustic engagement pics, a boho wedding might be in your future.