Cute Outfits to Wear to Country Music Festivals

If you’re headed to Stagecoach, Off The Rails Country Music Fest, or any other festival, you’ll need a cute outfit! Since you’ll be dancing the day away, it’s important to find that balance between trendy and comfortable. Here’s our list of what to wear to a country music concert:

Look One: Cute Boots & Denim Jackets


Whether they’re thigh high boots or cowboy boots, boots are an essential piece to nailing the country look. Pair them with a cute denim jacket, and you’re set in case the weather gets chilly! These outfits go well with form fitting dresses, two pieces, or a crop top with shorts.

Look Two: Stars & Stripes


What’s a country music festival without some stars and stripes?! What’s great about this theme is that you don’t need to stick to red, white, and blue. This is your chance to stand out: try striped flare pants with a starry crop top. Striped skirts and dresses work great, too! If you’re looking for additional comfort, pair this outfit with cute flats or platform sandals.

Look Three: Cute Group Outfit


Nothing says friendship like group outfits! This helps avoid that awkward conversation of finding out you all packed the same outfit. It’s also the perfect excuse for a girls’ shopping trip! You can pick a unique theme like wine and camo. Or hats and booties. There’s no way to go wrong!

Look Four: Animal Print



If you’re looking for a bold look, animal print is definitely in style! You can try leopard print crop tops, snake print t-shirts, even an animal print dress. For cute crop tops and fitted tops in general, a denim skirt with a belt buckle really helps complete the look. As for shoes, western style/cowboy booties are the way to go. These come in all heel sizes to help you rock out at the music festival all night long.

Extra Tip: Don’t Forget the Accessories!



To give your outfit a bit of pizzazz and help you stand out, cute accessories can help do the trick. Fanny packs for country music festivals are an absolute must! You can use it to store your wallet, your phone, your keys, and other essentials.

Belts and belt buckles are also a common trend and give off that country vibe. Depending on your outfit, you can either use a small braided belt (great for dresses and skirts) or a larger more traditional belt (great for jeans and denim shorts).

Since you’ll be in the sun all day, don’t forget to pack a hat (and sunscreen)! Snapbacks are also a great alternative since you can clip them onto your pants or your purse when you’re not wearing it.

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What cute outfit are you rockin’ to the next country music festival?