Cute Game Day Outfits

One of the very best parts of the college experience has to be game day. Not only do you get to cheer on your favorite team and spend time with friends, but it’s also a great chance to get your creative juices flowing. Cute game day outfits have to perfectly combine casual, comfortable, stylish, and of course, your school colors. Achieving the perfect balance of all three is trickier than it might seem but also a ton of fun. We’ve put together 8 cute outfits perfect for game day that range from casual to sophisticated.

Casual Game Day Outfits

While us southern gals tend to dress on the fancier side for game day, there are certainly occasions when we love a cute casual outfit.

Cute Game Day Outfit 1: Denim + T-Shirt

texas tech shirt and denim outfit

 A classic game day staple, the denim skirt, and t-shirt combo is cute yet effortless. Chances are you already have everything you need in your closet—just assemble and go enjoy the festivities.

Cute Game Day Outfit 2: Overalls

cute game day outfit - white overalls

 There’s nothing that says game day quite like a pair of overalls. These can be pretty hard to pull off, so you have to be careful how you style the overalls. Try a neutral top that bears a bit of skin to off-set the bulky overalls. You could also try a cropped college tee for a relaxed yet spirited look.

Cute Game Day Outfit 3: Bandana

bandanas and animal print outfits

Instantly add just a touch of spirit with a brightly-colored bandana. Keep your outfit neutral to let the scarf stand out.

Sophisticated Game Day Outfits

Personally, I love getting a bit fancy for game day. It’s the perfect way to take your look from day to night and keep the school spirit showing going even after the game is long over.

Cute Game Day Outfit 4: Patterns

red white and blue patterns for cute game day outfits

This sophisticated look effortlessly combines style and school spirit without any graphic tees or oversized jerseys. Perfect for both alumni and collegiate ladies, this look can even take you from day to night.

Cute Game Day Outfit 5: Boho Tops

cute and flowy boho outfits and tops

The boho trend is extremely popular at the moment and makes for a super effortless game day outfit. Pair a flowy boho top in your team’s colors over a skirt, jeans or cutoffs, for an effortless look that is trendy, stylish, and spirited.

Cute Game Day Outfit 6: Rompers and Jumpsuits 

cute jumpsuits and rompers for game day

If standing out on game day is your goal, you’ll love a good jumpsuit look. An all-black jumpsuit with color-coordinating accessories screams chic. Just be sure you incorporate enough of your team’s colors to make it clear that you’re here to cheer for your school.

Cute Game Day Outfit 7: Sweater + Miniskirt

loose sweaters and mini skirts

When it starts to get chiller you’ll have to adapt your cute game day outfit so you’re comfortable throughout the day. A pullover sweater on top of a miniskirt will keep you warm while showing off your school spirit. Over-the-knee boots and tights pull the fall-inspired look together.  

Cute Game Day Outfit 8: T-Shirt + Miniskirt

matching game day t-shirt and mini skirt

If you’re looking for an in-between casual and sophisticated cute game day outfit, this one definitely ticks all of the boxes. Effortless yet put-together a well-matched tee and miniskirt is a great choice for any game day festivities.