10 Cute Outfits for Summer 2018

Get ready for those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer because the hot weather has officially arrived (at least in Texas). Before jetting off to the Riviera, or just to your next pool party, make sure your summer wardrobe is up to speed. These 10 cute outfits  for summer are all the style inspo you’ll need all season long.

1. The Summer Beach Outfit

Cute summer outfit ideas

These cute flowy pants are perfect for throwing on over a one-piece during a beach day. Or, pair with a crop top for a night out, espadrille wedges, and a straw bag. Beachy waves, and bronzed skin are optional but highly encouraged.

2. Make The Impossible Possible: Cute Summer Outfits With Jeans

Jeans are a great idea for summer outfits

You might think jeans are too heavy for summer, but it’s really just a balancing act. Pair jeans with a light or skin-baring top to even out the heaviness or jeans. Or, opt for lightweight culotte-style pants in denim with a flowy top.

3. The Go-to: Cute Summer Outfits With Shorts

cutoff shorts make for pretty summer outfits
When the weather has hit peak temperatures, look no further than a good pair of cutoffs. They’re always in style, easily pair with anything, and will keep you from sweating the moment you step out the door.

4. The Ultimate Summer 2018 Outfit: Matching Sets

two piece set

Nothing screams 2018 more than a good matching set. Have fun with bold patterns in a gingham shorts-tank combo. Throw on some sandals, an itty-bitty bikini and a straw hat for a day by the pool.

5. When the Dog Days Aren’t Over But Life Calls: Cute Summer Outfits for School

If you live in the warmer climates, chances are school will start back just when the hottest sultry days of summer set in. When even walking from one building on campus to the next feels 40 years stranded in the desert, you need to dress the part. Opt for lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen. Longer silhouette won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable sitting in those tiny lecture hall seats. Throw a light sweater in your bag in case the AC is drafty (Tip: it probably will be).  

6. When You’ve Gotta Go Somewhere Fancy: Nice Summer Outfits

summer attire - dress

Sometimes the time comes when you’ve got to leave your beach chair and throw on some real clothes. Whether you need cute outfits for going out, weddings, graduation, or something in between finding the motivation to look nice when it’s hot is difficult. A bright-colored dress is just the thing you need to look put-together yet comfortable.

7. When You Need To Cover Up

a long dress can be a great summer outfit idea

Cute summer outfits don’t have to be all crop tops and short shorts. Believe it or not, you can still look summery and fresh in hemlines that extend past your knees. If you want to stay cool reach for lighter fabrics, and breezier silhouettes, like this maxi dress.

8. The Nostalgic Outfit

denim skirts are a great idea for cute outfits for summer

In case you haven’t already heard, frayed denim skirts are back from the dead. Wear yours with a crop top and a pair of tiny sunglasses for a look that’s equal parts trend and early 2000s nostalgia.

9. Summer Outfits for Date Night

cute outfits for summer - date night

Date nights during the summer are especially sweet. The last thing you should be worrying about is your cute going out outfit, so this summer throw on a spaghetti strap dress, minimal jewelry, and some wedges and go enjoy yourself.

10. The Cute Summer Outfit For Gameday

cute outfits for summer - gameday

When the football season starts, it’s usually still H-O-T outside. Tailgates can go from fun to terrible if you’re sweltering in the late summer heat. Pair your spirit tee with some coordinating accessories, and cutoffs to look good without sweating in heavy fabrics.