Cute Outfits for Summer Getaways

Summer is almost here and that means a whole host of adventures are on their way too! As long as summer vacations have been around, cute outfits for summer getaways have been too. Whether you’re venturing to the beach for a girl’s trip, or on a relaxing vacay with your sweetheart, we outline the perfect formula for packing the cutest outfits, shoes, and accessories.  

Cute Outfits for A Summer Girl’s Trip

image of three women in white dresses - cute outfits for summer

Where is your favorite destination for a girl’s trip? You could be cruising in the Caribbean, taking a drive to the beach, or exploring a vineyard for a weekend-long wine night! One of the fun parts of summer girl’s trips is taking group pictures for social media to look back on. Make sure you have cute outfits galore with the following tips.

Pick a simple color theme and have all your gals stick to it. We’re particularly fond of the all-or mostly white looks for summer. Not only does it look fresh and clean, it’ll reflect the sunlight to help you stay cool. Cute, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, crop tops with a colored skirt, or white jeans are all excellent options for cute outfits for a summer girl’s trip! You can also never go wrong with a series of high-waisted jeans and crop tops!

Outfits for Romantic Summer Getaways 

Image of a woman standing on a train - cute outfits for summer

Love is in the air this summer! Your honey is taking you on a trip and you can’t wait. But what to bring along on the adventure? It can feel like a lot of pressure to have a cute summer outfit for each event during your vacation, but summer getaways are all about not worrying about those things! These outfits for summer are perfect for that effortless, flirty look that will allow you to focus more on the cutie your with than the cute outfit you’re wearing.

Two-piece sets, rompers, and jumpsuits are all excellent options for a sweet summer trip with your man. Having the complete outfit pre-set takes out the guesswork of pairing pieces together, so you can pop on that romper and be ready to head out the door in no time. For a romantic getaway, we’d suggest going for delicate, girly details like ruffles, embroidered edges, and form-flattering shapes.

Cute Outfits for Summer Vacations with the Family 

image of two girls laughing - cute summer outfits

Everyone loves a summer vacation with the family! Whether you’re staying within the country, or venturing abroad, these types of trips can often feel like a marathon rather than a relaxing retreat. You’ll want to pack functional, yet cute outfits for summer getaways with the whole family. This will allow you to tackle whatever activities come your way while still feeling fresh and stylish in those family photos your mom is posting all over the internet.

Keeping it classic is the way to go when picking cute outfits for family vacations. Traditional, black, or white denim shorts will keep you cool and comfy. Try looking for unique details like patches, rips, or added studs for some extra personality. Pair your Daisy Dukes with patterned tank tops, flowy crop tops, or a basic t-shirt with a pop of color for an added splash of style.

The Staples of Cute Outfits for Summer Getaways

image of woman holding a stop sign- cute outfits for summer

Ultimately, it all comes down to stocking up on the staples. Colorful tanks, fun shorts, soft and airy materials, and classic summer accessories go a long way when putting together cute outfits for summer. Here’s some insight into three of our favorite staples: Airy Silhouettes, Bold Accessories, and Neutral Wedges. 

Airy Silhouettes

When you want to beat the heat, it’s important that your cute summer outfits give your body room to breathe. Look for flowy, airy silhouettes that don’t cling to the body. Shift dresses, loose linen pants, and two piece top-and-skirt sets are all perfect options if you’re looking to cool down. An added bonus? All the fun prints! After a winter of neutrals, step out in style with fun prints- from flowers, to animal prints, to eye-catching stripes and polka-dots. Cute outfits for summer are your chance to express yourself!

Bold Accessories

A bold accessory goes a long way, especially when your suitcase has limited space! Find a statement necklace, fun hat, or scarf you adore that works with multiple outfits. If you tend to dress in neutrals, or a specific color palette, make this go-to summer accessory in a bright and sunny color to add a little pop to your cute summer looks.

Neutral Wedges and Sandals

Wedges and cute outfits for summer go together like bathing suits and the beach. Taking the time to find a pair of neutral colored wedges or platform sandals you can wear with nearly every outfit will ensure you’re always styling, and get good use out of those babies! One of the best things about summer fashion is the many different fabrics and materials used in designs. Experiment with linen, leather, cork, and straw accents on your wedges to add a bit of texture and intrigue.

While these summer fashion staples sure to come in handy this season, as you can incorporate them into your own personal style to make every outfit uniquely you. What’s your must-have item this summer? Let us know!