Cute Outfits

The feeling is a familiar one: you’re standing in your bathrobe staring in at your closet and defeatedly sigh: “I have nothing to wear.” It seems impossible. Your closet is packed to the brim. You’re constantly running out of hangers, and it always seems like a good portion of your paycheck gets spent on the latest trends. And yet at this very moment, you can’t put together cute outfits to save your life. How could that be possible?

Maybe you forgot to do laundry, or maybe you’re just tired of your wardrobe. Either way, feeling like you have nothing to wear isn’t fun at all.

Luckily, there are a few ways to combat the cute outfit-less blues. Most of the time all you need is a bit of inspiration. Which is where we come in. We started our Cute Outfits series to help you through every life event, college party, football game, graduation, etc. No matter what the occasion, we’ve got you covered with what to wear this season and next.

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Other than a need for inspiration, there are a few reasons why you might be struggling to put together easy cute outfits. Chances are the fault isn’t with your clothes. That’s not to say that you don’t have a great eye, or that your sartorial style isn’t blogger-worthy flawless. You just might be making a few of the common mistakes that we all fall prey to at some point or another. Think about it: Do you ever find yourself impulse buying things just because they’re cute? Have you ever purchased something that didn’t fit just because it was on sale, thinking you’d live with the imperfections? Do you shop trends and neglect the basics? All of these things can contribute to dissatisfaction with your wardrobe. Below are 5 habits to adopt if you never want to feel like you have nothing to wear again.

1.  Shop with Cute Outfit Ideas in Mind


Rather than picking out stand-alone pieces, shop with the intention of making cute outfits with each and every item you purchase. Be sure that your new purchases are in line with your personal style. There’s nothing wrong with shaking it up every now and then and getting out of your comfort zone, but if your clothes don’t match it won’t be very easy to make cute outfits when you need to. Next time you’re thinking of buying something ask yourself “which items currently in my closet with this go with?” This will save you from impulse buys and a great many mistakes.

2. Rearrange your closet


Maybe you’re a sucker for a good striped shirt or a floral crop. That’s great but if it’s all you’ve got, you will feel pretty limited when it comes time to make new cute outfits. Too many of the same item won’t leave you feeling very inspired or like you’ve got many options. Before you go shopping rearrange your closet, placing all of the similar items next to each other. This will help you see just how many black tops or boho dress you actually have. Knowing how many duplicates you have will keep you from buying yet another version, no matter how cute it might be.

3. Challenge Yourself


Challenge yourself to wear your tried and true favorites in a new way. Add some daring accessories, or style with an unexpected color or pattern. In order to get your creative juices flowing, you have to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then. Challenge yourself to consider new combos for the perfect cute ootd. 

4. Shop for the Occassion 

cute outfits for girls

Whether you're looking for cute outfits for school, cute going out outfits, or cute outfits for winter it's important to always shop with a cute outfit category in mind. Before investing in a piece you should think about when/where you can wear it, as well as any items currently in your closet that could match. That way you won't end up with a bunch of statement dresses, or sexy outfits, etc. that aren't practical for everyday. We're not saying that every time you have an event to attend you need to buy a new outfit, quite the opposite. If you categorize your clothes by outfit idea, you'll have plenty of go-to's ready for school, going out, college parties, or whatever else life may take you. 

5. Start with the Basics

cute outfits with everyday clothes

Who doesn't love a cute outfit with jeans? The key to looking put together day after day is a solid foundation of high-quality basics. That means jeans, a basic white tee, black booties, a classic cardigan, etc. If you're struggling to assemble nice outfits it might be that you don't have enough of these basic foundational pieces. They are the backbone of every cute outfit, and if you're missing a few it could be what's causing your frustration.