Mia Grace Hardaway

Mia has been a Honey since June, 2018 and lives in Tennessee. Her insta handle is @miagraceeeee.

Mia is our featured September 2018 Honey and is the epitome of a a true honey. She is extremely creative in her photography and always comes up with a phenomenal way to style her clothes.

My name is Mia Grace, I am 16 years old and I am from good ole Tennessee! Two main things that I think make me, me are 1, photography.. and 2, my style! Growing up I have always loved fashion and I have always had a unique taste for clothes.. I’ve dreamed of one day working in the fashion industry since I was 9 years old! I would like to think of my style as different and unique.. I’ve always kind of had an eye for putting outfits together! I love TC Elli’s because they help me to achieve that unique style that I strive for!


October Order: Funday Graphic Print Tee Top


November Order: Captain's Cap Herringbone in Black

January Order:

Ramblin Rose Scarf Tie


June Order: You Remind Me Scarf Top in Orange


August Order: Innovated Crop Jacket


September Order: World Go Round Jogger Ash